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Your sats. Your privacy. Your profit.

Financial privacy, decentralized.


Jam: a modern interface for JoinMarket.

Completely decentralized.

No central coordinator. No central point of failure. Your node, your rules, your sats, your privacy. Made possible by the market.


Free as in freedom.

Jam is software that respects your freedoms. It is powerful because it is run by a protocol, not a company. No central entity is in charge or profits in any way. You are in charge. You are the one who profits.


How can I earn sats using Jam?

One way to hide in plain sight is to hide in a crowd. Jam helps you to easily create and join such a crowd. Others will pay you just for being there. It's not much, but it's honest work.


Successful privacy solutions with centralized attack vectors such as a known team, domains, mixing coordinators, etc… will be taken down by governments or continue running comprised. This is why it is so important to make JoinMarkets work well for average users.

NVK - CEO of Coinkite

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